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10 Years Rejuvenation in 10 Minutes

Even though it sounds good to get up from that chair 8-10 minutes after you sit in the doctor’s chair, you are wrong.

The desire for youth and beauty attracts more and more people. Every day, new methods, devices, various cosmetic substances, formulas prepared from plants, food and medicine recommendations are etched into our minds through newspapers, television and the internet. While some of them are commercial parts of this huge industry, some of them actually work miraculously. Wrinkle treatment with fillers is one of these methods. The contents of fillers, which have been applied to millions of people for nearly 20 years, are becoming more and more perfect.

What do we mean when we say filler?

Fillers are substances that are applied to sunken areas, the tissues under wrinkles and scars, giving volume to those areas and instantly correcting wrinkles.

Is it risky to apply these substances to the body?

There are about 20 types of fillers. The most famous among these are fillers containing collagen and hyaluronic acid. Since collagen is obtained from cattle, there is a 3% chance of allergy. For this reason, hyaluronic acid, which is obtained from a kind of bacteria and has the same formula in all living things, is preferred, which does not carry allergic risk. This substance is also a substance that is fully compatible with body tissues, which is used for therapeutic purposes in places such as joints and eyes.

The hyaluronic acid molecule has the ability to carry 500 times its weight in water. While this substance is abundantly present in our middle skin in youth, it begins to decrease gradually from the thirties. This is one of the reasons why deep wrinkles and volume losses occur.

Where the filler is made;

*Gives volume

* Keeps the applied area constantly moist with its desiccant feature.

* Increases collagen and elastin production by stimulating fibroblast cells in the middle skin

It is absorbed and destroyed between 1-3 years, but since the skin also stimulates and reproduces its own cells, the wrinkles and sunken areas will look better than before even when the filler is completely absorbed.

Which areas can be filled?

Fillers can be used for lines and volume losses in every part of the face, for clarification of the cheek and cheekbones, for correction of the chin contour, for shaping and plumping the lips, and even for correcting the shape of the nose.

At what intervals should it be repeated?

Depending on the condition of the person, sometimes a positive result can be obtained with 1 box of filler, sometimes more may be required. Filling material can be continued until the desired result is obtained. For good results, 2-3 boxes of filler can be applied at short intervals. The densities and amounts of fillers applied to the lips, upper lip lines, cheeks and acne scars are different. This amount should be agreed with your doctor during your first meeting.

In addition, there are filling types that increase the moisture rate and quality of the skin by being applied to the entire face, neck and décolleté.

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