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Youth Vaccines

Youth vaccine, also known as H-100, is one of the most effective formulas used to combat aging. The youth vaccine application, which does not require surgical intervention and whose results can be seen quickly, aims to restore the skin’s bright, healthy and youthful appearance.

Youth vaccine is the process of applying hyaluronic acid in determined amounts and intervals to people whose skin shows signs of aging and whose skin is damaged by environmental factors. Pure hyaluronic acid, that is, the IAL System, penetrates the skin and provides regeneration and tightening, resulting in the desired healthy skin result.

The biggest reason why babies’ skin is very healthy, smooth and vibrant is the high amount of hyaluronic acid in their bodies. Along with the decreasing hyaluronic acid as we age, the rate of repair and tightening of the skin also decreases. With the youth vaccine, the skin is reloaded with hyaluronic acid; the skin begins to perform its repair and tightening functions again.

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