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I said sincerity and trust are important and wanted to share my story briefly. I would love to hear your story when I meet you.

I was born in Palamutbükü Village of Datça, which is a tourism paradise nowadays. I completed my primary education and training years at Yaka Primary School and Cumalı Secondary School.

After successful primary and secondary education, I completed high school in İzmir Girls' High School as a boarding student.

By winning the Hacettepe English Faculty of Medicine, which was the highest-rated Faculty of Medicine at that time, as Turkey 170th in the university exam, I planted the seeds of the 12 years I will spend in Ankara. At the end of 7 years at the faculty, 1 year of preparatory class, 6 years of medical school, I was entitled to become a doctor.

I started my assistantship in the Department of Dermatology at Ankara Numune Hospital, by succeeding in the exam known as TUS (Medical Specialization Exam), which I took as a result of the Faculty of Medicine. Numune Hospital was one of the hospitals that accepted the most patients in Turkey. This intensity and diversity has benefited me tremendously for my career.

After my assistantship, I did my compulsory service as a specialist dermatologist in the Besni district of Adıyaman, as the first dermatologist of the district.

After my compulsory service, I came to Bursa State Hospital with the assignment drawing. I worked here for 3 years with pleasure. When I believed that I was ready, I resigned from the civil service and performed both aesthetic dermatological and skin diseases diagnosis and treatment practices in a private polyclinic for 3 years.

Since I thought that I could travel with you more happily in my own clinic, I started my career with one of the very important and valuable dermatologists of Bursa, Dr. I decided to continue with Mukaddes Özcan. In our clinic, besides the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, I carry out intensive applications in non-surgical aesthetic dermatology. I continue my career with our team at Mukaddes Özcan Clinic with pleasure.

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