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Laser Wart Treatment

How to treat warts with laser? What are the advantages?

Warts can appear in many parts of our body. It is a virus called HPV that causes warts. There are more than 200 varieties identified. To get detailed information about what a wart is, you can read our article on what is a wart. It is a structure that manifests itself in the skin that affects the skin. In the area where it is attached, it can form lesions, sometimes the size of a pinhead, that are raised from the skin. Warts are highly contagious. If a healthy person comes into contact with a sick person, the transmission of the virus is inevitable. As we just mentioned, warts can occur in many parts of the body. It can be sheltered in the genital area, hands, feet and other parts. It can occur in any age group, from childhood to adulthood. Warts settle on the body by blocking the person’s immune system. It creates a bad image where it occurs. It is a disease that should be treated immediately in terms of both health and aesthetic appearance. In order to treat the wart, it must first be determined which type of wart it is. The treatment varies according to the area where the wart is located. Warts that occur in people with a strong immune system can go away on their own.

In this article, we will provide information about how laser wart treatment is done and what are the advantages of laser wart treatment.

How to treat warts with laser?
While methods such as electrocautery and cryotherapy are used in the treatment of warts, the laser method has begun to be used today. Laser is a mechanism that works on destroying the vessels feeding the wart. Before laser wart treatment, the patient is examined in detail. Local anesthetic creams can be used before the procedure. Point shots are made on the wart with the laser and it is aimed to burn the wart. The aim of the treatment is to activate the immune system. Because warts first destroy the immune system. Warts may recur after the procedure. In order to avoid such a situation, the doctor’s checks should not be interrupted and the drugs given should be used regularly.

What are the advantages of laser wart treatment?
Laser wart treatment is also known as non-surgical wart treatment. In laser wart treatment, warts can be removed with a short session of ten minutes without incision, pain and pain, and the risk of reappearing warts after the operation is significantly reduced. Patients who have wart treatment with laser can return to their normal lives on the same day.

In our hospital, the treatment method is determined according to the structure of the wart, the region where it is located and the medical condition of the patient.

In our hospital in Istanbul Bağcılar, we offer laser wart treatment in a hygienic hospital environment with specialist doctors. You can find detailed information about wart treatment, laser wart treatment and wart treatment prices in our hospital’s dermatology, general surgery and obstetrics and gynecology services.

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