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Nail Diseases

Although nails are sometimes not given enough attention, their diseases are quite common. Some skin diseases can also affect the nails. Fungi are the most common cause of nail diseases. Diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can also affect the nails. The appearance of the nails can give an idea about diseases of internal organs.

Nail fungus thrives especially in hot and humid environments. Sometimes a blow to the nail makes it easier for the fungus to settle. Nail fungus is common in people with diabetes. In fungus, the shape of the nail is distorted and thickened. It can take on a white, yellow, brown or black color. When considering nail fungus, it is very important to take a sample and examine it under a microscope. Fungicides are used in the treatment.

Point pits can be seen on the nail surface in psoriasis. Yellow, oily appearance on the nails are also symptoms specific to psoriasis.

The specific nail symptoms seen in skin diseases such as lichen and eczema can help diagnose the disease. Dolma is a disease caused by bacteria, another group of microbes. Pain, swelling and redness are seen in the nail fold. In the advanced stage, pus forms here, which is very painful. The thumb and index finger are the most affected areas. The big toe can become inflamed as a result of an ingrown nail. Impacts or damaging the surrounding tissues while cutting nails facilitate the settlement of these microbes. It is treated with antibiotics in the early period, and if the abscess has developed, it is drained appropriately. In case of ingrown nails, the patient can be relieved by attaching tape or wire here.

Nail breakage, white spots, thinning and shape changes may be due to the deficiency of biotin or minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium. It can also be seen in some diseases or skin diseases that affect the general condition of the body. In this case, it is important to eliminate the basic disorder.

Warts on the edges of the nails are a special viral infection. These are difficult to treat, they usually spread under the nail. These people usually have a habit of biting their nails.

Many medications can cause nail disorder. There may be changes such as color change, bleeding, streaking, and thickening. In genetic diseases, various disorders can be seen in the nails.

In our clinic, a sample taken from the diseased nail is examined for the detailed diagnosis of nail fungus; If there is a fungus, its type is determined and its treatment is arranged. As an alternative to the treatment of nail fungus, which takes a long time with medication, we can get results in a short time with laser treatment.

The tape and wire method we apply in the treatment of common ingrown nails is an application that relieves patients in a short time and relieves their pain.

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